I love writing contests. There’s just something about working on a piece with a deadline looming over my head.

Maybe it’s my competitive nature.

Maybe it’s about rising to the challenge of having to deliver an amazing story.

Or maybe it’s just completely about that deadline and the requirement to work within a set time frame.

I especially love a writing contest that is driven by prompts (pictures, quotes, etc.). Writer Unboxed used to do them years ago with their “7 Sizzling Sundays of Summer” and “WU Flash Fiction” contests, and so I’ll credit them for getting me started. NYC Midnight also offers a number of fantastic contests that put your short form skills to work; and I just discovered Literary Taxidermy, which is another great one that dictates you write heeding a specific requirement. (“We provide your opening and closing lines chosen from a classic work of literature. You provide the rest.”)

Whatever it is, I love them.

There are a few coming up that I’ll throw out your way, but I’d like to add this: If you’re like me, you’ll invest your money on improving your hobbies (photography and art classes; mods to your cars; gardening improvements, etc.), so your creative writing should be no different.

A good editor will help you hone your craft, fine-tune your work, offer feedback and suggestions, and will, at the end of the day, be worth the investment.

Try me.
I challenge you.

Here are just a few upcoming flash fiction contests for you to check out:


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