Proofreading is the last stage before your work goes to press. It’s that final check of punctuation, grammar, spelling, typography, and formatting that happens after all the other edits have been done; you know, where we make sure your their, they’re, and theres are all properly accounted for and your commas and apostrophes are tucked into their happy places.

My niche / specialty areas:

  • aviation: magazines, manuals: technical, policy, and personnel
  • nonfiction
  • cooking blogs, cookbooks
  • literary fiction
  • crime fiction

I like to use MS Word “Track Changes” function and “Comments” to edit within the document, but am also comfortable and familiar with Adobe.

I am proficient with using the Chicago Manual of Style.

rates & terms:

My rates for proofreading as per the EFA’s standard rates.

  • All projects are provided with a quote before proceeding, so you know up front how much it’s going to be
  • 50% advance on commission of project
  • Balance due 15 days after completion of project

I can accept payment through Paypal or e-transfer.

*Copyediting/ Proofreading bundle coming soon!