Developmental editing is the first step in the overall editing process. You’ve completed your manuscript and are now ready to have it evaluated in its entirety to see what might still be needed to make it truly complete.

Now comes the assessing.

The reorganizing.

The developing.

For fiction or memoir, this part of the process addresses the various story element issues: plot, character development, point of view, dialogue, sentence phrasing, pacing, or anything else that might come up in relation to the elements of a story.

For nonfiction, it’s making sure the parts fit together so that your ideas progress naturally. I’ll make suggestions to maybe add—or combine—sections or chapters (or webpages); will identify missing information; and will query any apparent factual inaccuracies or gaps in the research. We may have to delete (or have you delete) repeated or extraneous passages and will make sure that any visual elements being used enhance the text. Finally, we’ll double check that we have all the necessary permissions to use images or long quotations.

rates & terms:

My rates are charged as per the EFA’s standard rates.

  • All projects are provided with quotes before proceeding, so you know up front how much it’s going to be
  • 50% advance on commission of project
  • Balance due 15 days after completion of project
  • Large projects will be assessed and installment payments may be required.

I can accept payment through Paypal or e-transfer.