Tired of getting rejection after rejection from literary magazines? Or of not placing well in story contests?

Would you like to try to catch the editorial team’s eye?

How would you like to get some feedback on your flash fiction or short story?

Just answer these questions first to determine if you’re at the stage for a critique to be done :

  • Is your manuscript finished (i.e., are you at least past the first draft stage)?
  • Have you had beta readers, friends, or others read your short form and give you their feedback?
  • Are you submitting to a contest or publication? If so, have you checked the submission guidelines and made sure you’ve followed them (i.e., word count, typography, content)?

If you’ve answered yes to at least one of those questions and are ready to get some great feedback, send me a message and let me know what you’ve got! I’ll give you a quote before we move forward.

This service comes with

  • light line edits
  • in-story comments or queries
  • an editorial review which includes compliments on what you’ve done well, as well as suggestions for how to improve your story (and/or your writing overall, if need be).

Got a rush job? No problem at all, we can do it (but there will be an extra charge, depending on the word count)!

Payment due upon receipt of critique and can be accepted through Paypal or e-transfer.